Chemtrail Revelation?


I’ve returned to France and am excited to meet the head of an organization Mm. Gombault. She is who founded Mulifolia which is a collaboration of different state and private entities focused on growing Sainfoin. Sainfoin had been forgotten about with the onset of the industrial revolution. It is now being rediscovered due to its many benefits for animals,birds, and pollinators besides being drought resistant and greatly reduces Methane release from the animals eating it thereby reducing negative impact to our ozone layer. Multifolia resembles WBI’s advocated project, the Upper Rogue Pollinator Project.

During the winter the website is going to be redesigned. As such much of the previous material has been removed for the moment. Sainfoin has been planted on the farm and is now sprouting. We have a farmer who is an organic forage specialist who is going to plant a larger (1-3 acre) plot. Advances have also been made on building the “Pollinator Garden” on the farm at the Oregon Bee Store. Our valley had one of the best seasons for the bees over the last few years. Unfortunately, there have been some unsettling hive losses reported within our valley by a couple of beekeepers who I consider Master Beekeepers.

Over the years everyone from all walks of life have asked me what is destroying our bees and Pollinators besides our environment. And although there are many condemning factors, it has been an ongoing enigma for me as well as my brother and all those connected to the Beekeeping world. All my studying and readings of all the different scientists and researchers have led me to two basic requirements to over come the problems. Environment and Genetics. And that is the reason I’m advocating the Upper Rogue Pollinator Project. Unfortunately, this project as well with any others mankind is currently involved in are not going to succeed due to what I’ve just come across. The apparent truth about  ‘Chemtrails’. This makes ‘horrific’ sense,  and easily proven by anyone who wishes to verify it on their own. TEST, your hair, your soil, your local open lakes or ponds for Aluminum!

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