‘B’ class and the “B’ Buzz


Beginner Beekeeping classes finally start this Saturday 17th. 10:00am – 12:00noon at the farm (Oregon Bee Store). Cost $20.00. 10-11 Beeginner Basics 11-12 live hive participation (your own bee suit required). 14370 Hwy. 62, E.P.

IMG_0537 instructional hives. The theory part will be in the picnic area of the yard past the store. We ask all participants to park down by the driveway entrance, unless handicapped. There will  ‘B’ another class the 31st, same time frame..

Theory; Super Organism, its requirements, equipment, I.P.M., how to work with the ‘girls’.                  Instructional Hives; Observation- See, Smell, Listen. Entry. Monitoring- frames, bees, queen, food reserves.


‘B’ Buzz

Bad news                                                                                                                                              80,000+ Hives wiped out with a new chemical mixture in the California Almonds…  No official count but two departments in the south of France had massive hive kills (complete operations wiped out) due to the government spraying for an agricultural pest, beekeepers not   notified in  advance…                                                                                                                       World honey shortage, climactic changes playing serious role, prices due to rise.                                 More condemning research out on ‘sub-lethal’ effects to bees from neonics/gmo. (humans?)

Good news                                                                                                                                      Lower winter kills nationally.                                                                                                     Although much of the weather has made things difficult for the rest of the states we here in Oregon have had a pretty good spring even though there was limited honey production. Conditions have been better for the Vetch and we have our fingers crossed we will get a ‘vetch’ crop.                                 Blackberries will be starting soon. Although some areas the plants got hit hard by last year cold the rains up till now have set things up good for honey production.                                                         We  are voting now to ban GMO from Jackson County.                                                                 Josephine county is setting up to do the same.                                                                                        A petition is starting to allow Oregonians to vote  on forcing ‘GMO labeling’.




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