VICTORY over GMO, Beekeepers getting stung, Ooopps


Yes!!  The people of Jackson county voted overwhelmingly to keep GMO’s out of our region. My thanks to all those who worked so hard to fight this first battle. We the people, as a community, can overcome invasive outside forces and solve our own issues.  I know many people who voted the other way on this measure. Many of these people I grew up with, or are old family friends of the family. I understand, and care about, their worries towards their financial future. Also how true information regarding GMO’s is limited here in the USA. I am one of those who believes our area can create our own high quality brand of products, that can’t be achieved with gmo’s being grown here. In the new June issue of American Bee Journal, the best article I’ve seen concerning GMO chemicals and neonics can (finally) be found in the magazine (or online) in “The Curious Beekeeper” section. It hits the nail on the head, concerning the “Side Effects” of all the chemicals being used today. Its a ‘must read’ for everyone, I’ve got it on the site here as GMO-Truth (click on each pic to enlarge).

So, you want to B a Beekeeper? 80,000+ Hives damaged or dead!! Back in the day when you stole a horse or damaged someones livestock you could be hung or put away for a long time. Beekeepers have never had the same consideration. Also in Junes  ABJ, in ‘News Note’s’ (funny how it wasn’t front line…), is the article about this springs almond disaster that I’d already received last month. Hives (and businesses) wiped out! EPA not taking any responsibility, or the chemical companies involved (that I’ve heard todate). The govmnt jumped in to give some help, but my own experience tells me it ain’t enough… Chemical companies need to be held “RESPONSIBLE”!!!, not just the farmer.

Ooops, last month I caught a swarm in a bucket. Rather than shaking them into their new home, I just put a feeder board on the bucket top, turned it upside down and put it on top of the supers of their new home. I figured they would descend down through the hole into the drawn comb waiting for them, right?1-oops11-oops2I was wrong, they decided they liked the bucket better…1-oops3 another project…

Honey production was limited to non-existent in our area. Everything looked right, seemed right, but it didn’t happen for early spring nectar. Currently there appears to be some ‘vetch’ that’s been made, and now the ‘blackberries’ are blooming. Fingers crossed something will come in…

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