Earth being turned into a moon


For years I, as other beekeepers, have gotten the same question, “whats happening to the bee’s?”. And of course we then respond with the established scenarios. However I’ve been perplexed, since the mid 90’s, over what I’ve been witnessing between ‘Mother Nature’ and our bee’s. For some time now I have had an ugly suspicion, that with continued research has grown more and more foreboding. Last week, in Shasta County, irrefutable proof was presented concerning off the grid levels of aluminum and other (non-native/natural) chemicals in/ on our lands, snow, and waters, pointing to Chemtrails as the culprit. Experts gave witness to the effects, besides proof of the government/corporate  involvement of the Geo-engineering cover-up, for what is the potential death of us all. On one side are the direct effects of these metals with life, starting with our micro-organisms and working up the chain to us. The other side is the effects that the elevated UV is playing on all plant life. I’m not aware of any real research thats been done on the effects UV does to plant life, however its been a nagging question in my mind if/how much it could be playing a role on pollen and nectar production besides affecting their nutritional value.

SHASTA, CA Hearing on Covert Chemtrail Operation

Below is one of the expert witnesses who was at the Shasta meeting. I had the honor of having a great discussion with him, and look forward to more. Staying within his own realm of expertise, he none the less has many questions and viewpoints of valid concern for the current state of our environment and the possible roles Geo Engineering  (chemtrails) are playing.

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