Sainfoin Benefits




* Requires no fertilizer                                 * All Livestock Love IT!                                              

* Produces 10% More Milk & Meat     * The perfect organic feed  * High in sugar & carbs

* Can be pastured and will not cause bloat in cattle or sheep

* Protein levels comparable to alfalfa                          * Water requirements are minimal

*Great for wildlife plots – deer, elk, pheasant, quail, grouse, ducks, geese, and turkeys love it

* Weevils and aphids will not bother Sainfoin.        * Elevation & weather flexible

* University of Wyoming cases show that Sainfoin does produce more tonage than alfalfa.

* Original Bighorn Remont Sainfoin Seed is from a stand of Sainfoin that has been in production for over 20 years

* Naturally high tannins which can kill worms in livestock    * Healthy Wholesome Fodder

* No frost or freeze problems, very winter hardy

* Holds leaves & less drying time           * No growth Inhibitor

* Long Lived perennial                  * Can be reseeded in existing stands with no problem

*Reduced Methane                        * Reduced animal/soil Nitrates

*Nitrogen locking                            *Pollinators love it

*Climate Change resistant             *Beautiful plant

$50 per acre investment can turn 500# sod production into this 3 to 5 ton per acre quality forage nearly maintenance free.

Rocky Mountain Remont – the perpetual motion crop. If you produce pasture or hay, Rocky Mountain Remont Sainfoin will vastly cut your expenses compared to other sources such as grass, corn silage, alfalfa or grain hay. Sainfoin is the least cost-per-ton of relative feed value forage. Seed cost, planting, fertilizer, weed and insect spray will cost between $3 and $5 per ton of production. With this low cost, why wouldn’t you choose Rocky Mountain Remont Sainfoin?

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