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I will be looking into finding more producers. To date I’ve only found one who is selling seed registered as ‘Organic’, however the seed is available without being treated.  Also, sainfoin is known to be naturally tolerant to glyphosate (roundup) so not to be confused as necessarily being a GMO plant. Talking with these producers the ground should be shallow till with a seed application of 30/lbs per acre dryland or 40/lbs. irrigated.


Montana Seeds Inc.

I’ve been told by Shawn Witzell’s wife (rancher/beekeeper and sainfoin producer), that Don Kiel, owner of Montana Seeds Inc. is a ‘GURU’ of Sainfoin.



L&M Ranch

319 RD 1AF Powell WY. 82435

Call our office – from 9am-5pm mon-fri at (307) 645 3380

Or Call Mark After 5:30 pm or on weekends at (307) 202-0704


The company below states being certified organic, check their website.

Welter seed and honey co.

Welter Seed & Honey Co.  –  17724 Hwy. 136   –  Onslow, IA  52321-7549

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