Bio/Geo Engineering


Even with their own eyes, over and over again I have people look up at our sky and ask them what they see. ‘A bunch of planes’ is the response. None of them go any further than that. When I ask them if it seems strange they have a hard time thinking about it. When I ask what do you think they are doing they get uncomfortable trying to give an answer or blow the question off, as a defense mechanism, rather than want to seriously discuss it. I’ve asked a couple local elevated members of our community (PhD’s) to go and take soil/lichen/water samples so the question of geoengineering could be either laid to rest concerning its existence or warn our community about it. None were interested in participating, saying Aluminum and Barium are common elements found everywhere on the earth. Yes and No. Although its true Aluminum is predominant all over the earth, it does not show naturally as a refined substance like finding gold in a stream. Furthermore there are geological formations that don’t have Aluminum in them. Lichen does not pull Aluminum out of a rock that doesn’t already have it. Snow does not pull Aluminum out of soil into itself. I am making our governments own geological research covering our local area available. There is a particular area of Mt.McLaughlin whose geological structure does not contain Aluminum or Barium. This section of the mountain is the side whose water runoff feeds the Little and Big Butte basins. This is where I wanted to take samples besides other areas towards Ashland whose geological structure does contain Aluminum.However this Aluminum should not show itself in elevated amounts!

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