The following people are those who’ve helped and have been involved building WBI. There is no bottom to the depth of my gratitude to them.

Oregon Bee Store: location and instructional hives

Rick Sheridan: Webmaster

Chris Serres: eBook and Webmaster

Jason Pennell: Photographer

Bob Labozetta: Editor assistant

Teryl Chapel: Inspirational assistant

Rick Mori: Teaching assistant

Randy Oliver: Allowing to use his written materials.

American Bee Journal: Allowing use of written materials crediting authors.

Bee Culture: Allowing use of written materials crediting authors.

WBI is a supporter of all those who contribute to the world of beekeeping, particularly photographers and researchers. We diligently try and contact the authors of all our pictures and information used. Sometimes that can be difficult or impossible. Please contact us if you see your work applied anywhere on our site without your credit or permission, so we may give you fair honor.