Bee Class- July…

Bee Class- July 14 – 9:30

On the farm

At the Oregon Bee Store,

14370 Hwy.62, 3 miles north of Eagle Point


Great weather made for a great time with the bees!

The following is the results of inspecting the two nucs.

1.The first nuc was not queen right. We searched but couldn’t find her.
We equally searched for the virgin queen due possibly to poor mating
conditions after the hatching date. No virgin was found either. Its also possible
the queen became lunch while out mating.The nuc was left in this state, in order
to allow it to form into a Drone layer. This will be inspected at this next class date.

2.The second nuc was blocked out (full) with capped and uncapped brood. It was
picture perfect, beautiful new colony.

We transferred it into a full size box, after finding and marking the new
We also participated in inspecting one of the full size colonies. Breaking it
down to the bottom super looking for the queen, inspecting brood cycles,
capped honey, fresh nectar, and pollen contents. During which time we
also performed sugar rolls, finding only 1 mite. To date our sugar rolls have
only produced 4 mite’s from the three hives tested! !!WARNING!! When it
comes to mites, never let your guard down…NOW is the season where they
can build up quick.

July 14
1.This weekend we will again be inspecting three nucs that were created
the week after the first group. Finding and marking the queens, besides
transferring them into larger boxes.
2.Re-inspecting the failed nuc to see if we have a drone layer.
3.Continued queen hunting, brood inspection, in the instructional hives
besides doing sugar rolls.
4. IPM instruction.
As the others before, this class has everything to offer for the beginning
beekeeper to the more advanced. We appreciate letting us know if you’re
B happy buzzing with your bees.
Here’s pics from last weekend.
David Curtis


Hello everyone,…

Hello everyone,
quick note to let you know we’re entering into both a possible dearth season depending where you live, besides mite season.
We will be doing sugar rolls besides the attached flyer.
Make sure your hives have room to continue growing,
they can still swarm on you if they’re too confined.
Hope you and your bees are buzzing well.
Dave Curtis
Wild Beekeeping